Financial Guarantee


Let us explain.

If we were a typical agency we'd take our fee and scarper.

We're not so we don't.

Our unconditional financial guarantee is designed to ensure that our ongoing commitment to you is clearly demonstrated.

We at PA London are motivated by profit share, not commission. This means that if it goes wrong, we don't get rewarded.

So how does it work?

We recruit on a "success only" fee basis. Our specialist consultants take detailed job briefs and shortlist suitable candidates accordingly. This is achieved through a unique and highly developed selection process which closely matches the requirements of clients and candidates. Each candidate is fully interviewed, assessed and reference checked, where possible, prior to interview. Our unique PA London reference procedure is the most powerful referencing system available. Each shortlisted candidate is presented fully supported with Evaluation Notes which give detailed information fundamental to the selection decision and not contained within the CV. Prior to their interviews with our clients, PA London candidates are taken through a thorough briefing to ensure they are fully prepared and in possession of all the relevant information supplied by the client regarding the organisation, the role and the package on offer.

PA London find the right people for the job. Our competitive rates and 100% refund guarantee ensure value for money and peace of mind.


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