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  1. The first step is to have a look at the roles we recruit for - if you think you have the relevant experience please send us your CV. Our clients like to see people who have demonstrated commitment to a company. If you have moved around a lot and have had a series of short term roles, it would help if you explain the reasons for the moves. Most of our clients are looking for people with solid PA experience.  However, some are open to looking at transferable skills or to graduates who have some office experience (perhaps throughout the summer holidays or a gap year).  Please note, we are NOT focussed on the Private PA market. 

  2. Your CV is read by one of our experienced consultants (not an administrator - we think that if you've taken the trouble to write and send us a CV we should take the trouble to read it). This may take a couple of days, we get a large volume of CVs and can't reply to everyone instantly.

  3. If you have relevant experience, we promise that you'll receive a response. If we don't think we're going to be able to help you, we'll let you know at this stage. If we think we can help you, we'll give you a call. If you want to call us to check we've received your CV, we don't mind at all.

  4. We meet. If, after that conversation, we're agreed that it's worth you coming to meet us we'll suggest a meeting at our offices. This is a registration meeting and it's where we'll get to know you so we can talk about you to our clients.

  5. We don't sit you in front of a computer to take tests for hours. We'd rather have an indepth discussion about your computer skills to find out what you have used and what you enjoy using. We do not believe in judging people on the percentage hit rate they can attain using industry standard Word, Excel and PowerPoint tests.

  6. You need to bring proof of your eligibility to work to this meeting (a passport is the easiest, passport plus visa if you're a citizen outside of the EU). Please also bring your brain as we'll have questions ready for you!


Send us your CV

Elaine and Katherine have been just fabulous for as long as I have worked with them (nearly 3 years). They both took the time to really get to know me, to approach me with jobs I would be excited about and have always encouraged, advised and supported me. I would thoroughly recommend PA London and I will certainly be using them again.


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