How we work with you

Our business is built on long term relationships with clients and candidates. We are passionate about finding the right people to help your business grow and develop.

It's mostly down to us, but only once we've got all the information.

Finding the right people for your organisation can make the difference between success and failure.  But we're often asked to find the right people with only half the picture. We're sent a 'job spec' and a 'person spec' and asked to send CVs. The problem here is that CVs don't turn up and do the work, a person does! Once we've met you and had a proper conversation we're much better placed to understand who you're looking for and why you need them.


Why instruct us exclusively?

Well, firstly, it's more cost effective. Ask us about our discounted rates for exclusive instructions. When we're working as part of the crowd you don't get the best of our service because you don't have time to receive it.

Our shortlisting approach means you won't be inundated with CVs from us. Instead, you'll be introduced to the best candidates through their CVs and our Evaluation Notes. These notes are written by an experienced consultant who has conducted an in-depth interview, has thoroughly discussed the role and confirmed their interest and is confident that they have the right personality, skills and approach to do the job. We'll tell you when they're available for interview, when they've got holidays booked, what they're currently earning and what they're looking for. We'll tell you why they're interested in the role and why your consultant has shortlisted them.


When we're instructed exclusively we can:

  • Manage candidate expectations by ensuring they understand your timescales
  • Effectively manage your brand in the marketplace and keep you informed about the current state of that marketplace, putting you in a much stronger position to access the best people ahead of your competitors.
  • Ensure that every candidate interviewed receives proper, constructive feedback.  Nothing damages reputations faster than interviewed candidates hearing nothing back.

We work very hard to deliver on our promises.  We're very honest about the availability of candidates and likely timescales.  In return we ask you to be honest with us about who you're looking for and what you want them to do, about the team they'll be part of and the hours they'll really be expected to work.

Together, we'll find the right people for the job.

Instructing multiple agencies is like trying to pin the tail on the donkey - you're hoping that you hit the right spot with a blindfold on.


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