Commercial Property Company - Mayfair

The Managing Director had used recruitment companies before and didn't have a very high opinion of them; he had had several disasters and had decided we are all a bunch of "estate agents".  After a discussion about our service, he agreed to meet with PA London and decided to give us a go, but still wasn't really convinced. He wanted a shortlist of 3 people which we provided. He was really impressed with the first candidate he interviewed.  He met the other two candidates but the first still had the edge.  The candidate started, but despite the lengthy interview process things just weren't working out.

We had a very open and honest conversation with both sides about what went wrong and the client admitted that he hadn't invested the time needed for the candidate to 'settle in', despite the time he'd invested in the recruitment process. He'd made some harsh judgements based on the early days and when it came to day to day work, they just didn't hit it off.

We gave him a 100% refund in accordance with our guarantee.

However, he was so impressed by our service that he reinstructed PA London and we went through the recruitment process again. Having already experienced our shortlisting, he trusted our judgement and met one candidate that we thought was spot on. He agreed, she has accepted the position and they are getting on like a house on fire.

Our refund guarantee is designed to give peace of mind over the long term.

An example of our 100% refund guarantee in action.