How we work with you

Our business is built on long term relationships with clients and candidates. We are passionate about making that perfect match - finding the right person for the right job.

Making good recruitment decisions can make the difference between success and failure. We have the experience, knowledge and the contacts to help you make those decisions.  

We take the time to understand who you're looking for and why you need them.  We prefer to meet with you at your offices to discuss the role and to get a feel for your organisation and the people involved.  If you don't have time to meet us, don't worry - we can still get to work straight away by gathering as much information from you as possible over the 'phone.

We're dealing with people, not CVs.


Well, firstly, it's more cost effective. Ask us about our discounted rates for exclusive instructions. 

Our shortlisting approach means you won't be inundated with CVs from us. Instead, you'll be introduced to the best candidates through their CVs and our Evaluation Notes. These notes are written by an experienced consultant who has conducted an in-depth interview, has thoroughly discussed the role and confirmed their interest and is confident that they have the right personality, skills and aptitude to do the job. We'll tell you when they're available for interview, when they've got holidays booked, what they're currently earning and what salary they're looking for. We'll tell you why they're interested in the role and why your consultant has shortlisted them.

Isn't that better than wading through an inbox full of irrelevant CVs?


  • Manage candidate expectations by ensuring they understand your timescales
  • Effectively manage your brand in the marketplace - and recruit confidentially if you need to remain anonymous!
  • Ensure that every candidate interviewed receives constructive feedback


Let us help you make excellent recruitment decisions.

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