Investment Banking PA and Secretarial recruitment

The competitive world of investment banking demands the very best of the best of staff at all levels. Confident, intelligent and polished support staff are key to ensuring that your senior staff excel. High quality Investment Banking PA and Secretarial staff add value at all levels.

Your managers deliver excellence when they are supported by excellence.

You need Investment Banking PA and Secretarial support staff who can:

  • confidently and efficiently handle complex diaries, building effective internal and external relationships
  • plan complex, multi stop travel itineraries
  • confidently handle fast flowing, intricate information
  • think one step ahead of intelligent, ambitious people
  • handle sustained, high volume work under pressure for demanding characters
  • deal confidently with client enquiries
  • generate very high quality reports, proposals and presentations, often to tight deadlines.
  • demonstrate excellent IT skills

Investment Management PA and Secretarial support staff are:

  • flexible and proactive
  • organised
  • well presented with excellent communication skills
  • discreet and used to handling confidential information